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Story Canoe Records your personal history

Everybody has a great story to tell. Record your story.

We professionally record your life story, enhance it, polish it, save it, share it. Whether you are looking to record a personal life story, corporate history, oral history project, or dramatized story for a museum, we can complete your project from start to finish. Your story is our mission!

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Do you have family stories

that you never want to lose?

professional audio for museums and galleries, audio as an interpretation tool, exhibit & app audio

Want to bring history to life

 with audio?

Record your company history, company legacy, corporate story

Do you want to use stories

 to build your brand?


Want to save the stories of a specific population?


Looking for a fun and meaningful vacation or group activity?

record a family reunion, a birthday, anniversary or retirement tribute, a legacy letter

Do you want audio for a special occasion?

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