Story Canoe Saves the Life Stories of Your Loved Ones

Every one of us has stories to tell.

Story Canoe helps you save those stories! We professionally record them with high quality audio. We enhance them, polish them, save them and create your own personal audio book. Whether it's family history, corporate history, community history, or a special tribute, we capture your stories through expertly guided interviews then creatively craft your recordings into a permanent audio memoir. Preserving and sharing life stories of people, families, communities and organizations is our mission!

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Save the Stories You Want Remembered

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Do you have stories from your parents or grandparents that you never want to lose?

Imagine the stories of your family recorded, saved and transformed into a high quality audio book.  Our Story Packages create a legacy through recorded story that is engaging, entertaining and immeasurably valuable. Family History is more than DNA or ancestry, it's about creating a family community through stories that will span generations.

Recording life stories matters because...

  • Stories are saved  that might otherwise be lost forever.
  • Your family history is preserved.
  • You create a lasting, priceless legacy.
  • You will have your loved one's voice to hear, even when they are gone.
  • You create a generational bridge.
  • There is a transformative power in reminiscing and telling stories.

The Story Canoe Process

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1. Your Stories are Recorded

We come to your location and record one-on-one interviews using high-end, professional equipment to create beautiful quality, audio recordings.

2. Your Stories are Polished

Next, we bring your stories to our studio and use state-of-the-art editing to make them shine.  We can add music and sound effects, if you choose or simply "clean up" any stumbles or pauses. 

If you want to go "all out," we will dramatize selected portions of your stories using professional script writers, voice actors and sound designers.  Be sure to listen to the samples!

Listen to samples

3. Your Stories are Shared

When we're finished, your stores have been transformed into an experience for others and are ready to share on CD, SD, USB, the web or the Cloud.

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