Share Your company history

Stories are powerful, memorable and lasting. Use them to build your brand!

Recount the milestones of your company.  Who were the principle players and what were they like?  What hurdles did the company overcome?  What inspirational moments occurred along the way?  Stories of perseverance or courage?  Crazy antics?  Breakthrough products or strategies?  Through guided interviews, we will record the stories that highlight your corporate journey.  You can include customer testimonials, employee experiences, stakeholder perpectives and more. 

Capturing those stories in the voices of the participants is rich and engaging! 

Corporate history serves many purposes

  • Build trust and respect
  • Preserve knowledge
  • Strengthen corporate culture
  • Inspire employees
  • Create Community
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Share corporate values
  • Educate internally and externally what the company stands for

Audio recordings are affordable, easily accessible and easily shared.   


We can help you create an epic audio recording of your Company History.


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